lisging-bulletModern Engine Swaps 

Looking for something more modern?  Need more horsepower?  Better fuel economy?  Something that won’t give you any issues on those cold mornings OR hot afternoons in traffic?  Swap in a reliable modern fuel injected engine for more horsepower AND better fuel economy.  We specialize in LS SWAPS, 5.0 SWAPS, V6/Inline 6 to V8 swaps etc. etc…  It’s easier than you think.

lisging-bulletE.F.I. Conversions

Modern fuel injection is more reliable, more economical, and can be more powerful than carburation.  Do you like your engine but it needs something extra?  Fuel injection can be installed on your current powerplant inexpensively. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.

lisging-bulletIgnition System Upgrades

A simple ignition system upgrade can increase performance, help you achieve greater MPG, AND save you time and money when it comes to maintenance.  Don’t hesitate on this one..  Do it now!

lisging-bulletT5/T56/Tremec Performance Rebuilds

Is your T5 grinding 2nd gear?

We specialize in rebuilding and strengthening your T5, T56, or Tremec transmission for smoother shifting, quiet operation and optimum performance.  We can build your T5 to take over 400+ horsepower OR we can make just a few inexpensive changes to your current transmission for better performance.  We perform all T5/T56/Tremec manual transmission work including custom upgrades, repairs, swaps and rebuilds. We can install G-Force aftermarket gears that can handle up to 600ftlbs. of torque.  Please call us with ANY questions you may have!

lisging-bulletPerformance Carb Rebuilds

Let’s face it, carburetors need to be rebuilt sometimes.  Why not rebuild your carb with performance and/or economy in mind?  Sometimes a simple carb rebuild can make an old car feel new again.

lisging-bulletAuto/Manual Overdrive Swaps

It’s a well known fact:  Old cars were never designed to run at modern freeway speeds.  Running too many RPM’s trying to keep up with the current flow of traffic?  It may be time to swap in a new manual or automatic (possibly a new 5 or 6 speed?) transmission with a modern overdrive.  Run smoothly and economically at freeway speeds!

lisging-bulletDyno Tuning Available

Do you feel that your current setup should make more power?  Or get better fuel economy?  Or both?  A session on the Dyno can optimize your current setup for whatever your needs may be.  It’s not as expensive as you think.

lisging-bulletRear ends/Limited slips/Ratio changes

We’re EXPERTS in this category.  Our specialists have been doing everything from stock rebuilds on Differentials to full custom race/show/off-road Rear End builds since 2001.  What do you want your vehicle to do?  We’ll make it happen.

lisging-bulletSuspensions (Street, Drag, AutoX)

Are you primarily a street driver?  Have any designs on Drag Racing?  Car having trouble getting around the Autocross course smoothly?  Current Auto Performance offers FULL 4 CORNER SCALING & weight measurement for your vehicle.  We can make your car handle the way you want it to.  Just ask!

lisging-bulletModern Brake Conversions

Braking is extremely important for performance AND safety.  Drum brake systems generally aren’t adequate for modern freeway driving and have trouble stopping heavier vehicles in the short distances required to drive safely on todays highways.  There are several excellent factory AND aftermarket modern Disc Brake options for your vehicle.  Inquire today!

lisging-bulletSteering System Upgrades

Does your car tend to wander a little (or a lot) on the freeway?  Steering feeling unresponsive?  Could be a matter of just replacing some bushings.  OR, are you ready to admit to yourself that Power Steering might be nice? Modern Power Steering kits are both responsive AND inexpensive.  A Modern Power Steering kit will make your car a pleasure to drive under all circumstances.

lisging-bulletPower Windows/Power Door Locks

Ok.  Admit it.  Power windows and doorlocks are just plain convenient to have.  ‘Nuff said.  We can easily install these systems in your vehicle.  Call us!

lisging-bulletTowing Service Available