“If I could give 10 stars I would!”

These guys really know their cars and are very honest and the prices are very reasonable! They gave me daily updates and even sent me photos, and when there was an issue they informed me right away. I am so happy with the work they have done. I know that these guys will be the only  ones who will be doing any future work on my 1971 Mach1. Keep up the good work and if you are ever in doubt about this place don’t be you won’t find a better shop in town.  ~Anthony H.  San Diego, CA


“Current Auto Performance has earned my 5 star review time and time again.”

They’ve never said a job was too big or too small which is why I and so many others take our business here. There are always cars coming in and out of there and still they’ve always gotten to mine in a timely manner. Ryan is great at staying in touch to update me on what’s going on. He is extremely nice and helpful when I walk in with questions too. If he’s not sure about something he goes and grabs the owner, Bryant, who will interrupt his work just to discuss how he can help you. They really take their time to let you ask questions and map out the goals for your vehicle. It’s completely different from my experiences with the auto industry and should be the example for others to follow! They do everything short of body work on all years and models. Their prices are reasonable if you want something done once and done right. I highly suggest this place to anyone looking for a quality team to work on your vehicle next time you have a minor or major project.  ~Michael J. Las Vegas, NV.


“These guys are SO freaking awesome!”
I know they will be honest and ALWAYS call me with the issues and what the costs will be BEFORE they begin. They are very professional and listen to what I believe is a problem… “My car is making a rough “mmmmmmmmm”, much deeper sound than the smooth sound it usually makes, but not all the time” They look at me very kindly and say “yeah sounds suspicious, we will look into it” BUT then they REALLY do!!! It’s like they speak “single girl, without a clue about cars” language. When I get my car back they always explain EVERYTHING and why issues were happening. I feel totally safe with them and not like they’re trying to rip me off cause I don’t know crap about cars. Good guys! PS- I’m not related to any of them either ;)”  ~Angie G. San Diego, CA.


“I have to add my great experience along to the others. The ownership are honest, knowledgeable, friendly guys who I trust.”

They can do basic stuff like diagnosing my oil leak, to pimping out my LED headlights, all the way to installing a supercharger and nitrous. I’ve had them soup up my ride and they did a fantastic job. They are like surgeons with a wrench, very precise and you can see that they really love what they do and want to make sure you’re happy from the moment you entrust your baby to them to the moment you leave with your new and improved badass baby.

I will definitely go back to them for all my auto performance needs!”

~ Gilbert L. Santa Monica, CA


“Got 3.80s with an Auburn LSD installed recently and I have to say, Current knows what customer service is all about!”

Not only was everyone there friendly, knowledgeable and fun, but we even set up a weekend appointment as I work Monday through Friday. It was great talking cars while we were there and Bryant truly knows his stuff, I felt about ten times less manly as he quickly had the third member out of the car and made the job look like child’s play!

Even though the shop is about a two hour drive from me, I’ll make the trip for anything I don’t have the tools or experience to tackle, as the work and service are top notch!

Thank you for the awesome experience!

Jonathan G., Redondo Beach, CA


“I took these guys a transmission to open up and inspect and do a little service to. Ryan was in good contact with me over email the whole time and Bryant clearly has a lot of experience and knows his stuff. I’ll go back to them the next time I have a need.”

Matthew J., San Diego, CA


“I took my car to Current Auto Performance and they were able to get it done for a lot less.”

For $1,800 they were able to do the same stuff the dealership would have done but I also got an oil change, my valve cover gasket replaced, my coolant refilled, my car detailed, and a scratch on my front bumper fixed and re-sprayed. They outsourced the detailing and bumper fix but they were able to coordinate it so that those things could get done right after the repairs were done on the car.

The whole thing took 2 days (the dealership quoted me 2-3 days) and I picked up my car this morning. I’m very happy with the work they did. The car drives smoothly now and the increase in acceleration is noticeable. I guess this is how your car is supposed to feel when it’s aligned properly.

I don’t know much about cars but here are my 2 cents: these guys changed my oil and my air filter. Car is running well and I’ve had no problems. Their specialty is muscle cars and racing cars. Seems pretty cool if you’re really into cars. These guys seem to really know their stuff and they race cars themselves. If you’re looking to make your car faster or just want some custom stuff done to your engine, give these guys a call.

Caroline S., San Diego, CA


“Finally found a great auto shop in El Cajon, after getting burned from other local shops. They are extremely knowledgeable and fair. I definitely will be going back for further performance parts and maintenance.”

Ryan S., El Cajon, CA


“I’ve been searching and searching for a knowledgeable hot-rod muscle/classic car shop in San Diego and Current Auto Performance is it!!”

Bryant knew all the details of my Chevy II and was able to give me recommendations for me to choose from. He also gave me a lot of advice that ended up saving me some money.

Joe P., Imperial Beach, CA


“I don’t know where to start. I’ve had so many things done for me on my maverick here…. from when it was a 6 cyl mild daily driver to the full on race car it is now. They do amazing work, you won’t go wrong with them.”

Mo A., San Diego CA


“I like to start my reviews with a disclaimer. I dont just give high ratings to give them. To EARN a high rating, a business needs to be able to do something that elevates them above other similar businesses.”

So how does this shop measure up? Well you know how you have that neighborhood store or drug store you go to when you need something? that shop that you feel comfortable going to because the workers there make you feel like you are part of their family? Thats Current Auto Performance. The owner and his staff are the kind of people that you can just drop in to ask questions about your car or just to hang out and talk cars. They installed a custom nitrous oxide kit in my car, which I used to drag race with. The install went great and it improved my drag slip times, greatly. So to keep it short, highly recommended.

Jeff S., Torrance, CA


“I have such a difficult time finding a quality shop that can work on my ’69 Caddy.”

Friend of mine recommended this place and I couldn’t be happier. I went in for ignition and suspension upgrades on my ’69 Cadillac and I have to say the job was top notch. The owner was very knowledgable (had an hour long conversation about quadrajet carbs and how to tune them) and it really showed how much passion he has for his work which in my opinion makes all the difference in the world. All in all I’m very happy – I’ll be doing a lot more planning and upgrading here.

Ali A., Los Angeles, CA


“The best thing about this auto shop is their honesty.”

Too many shops lack this major quality and I’m sure many of you have felt jipped after the work was done. Whether you have a high performance car or a regular ol’car they’re thorough, efficient, and knowledgable. They mostly work on the mechanics so no dents or broken windshield but they’ve been the industry for so long they have plenty of trustworthy network and referrals. Just call them and ask!!!

Natsumi T., San Diego, CA


“These guys are awesome.
Totally knowledgable.
Super friendly and honest.
Great pricing and service.
Total professionals.
I highly recommend them.”

Loria Y., San Diego, CA


“Awesome Owner and staff! Great to work with and very knowledgeable. Helped me a bunch on my Car with a T-5 install, Engine upgraded and locker/Gears. They are not like any other shop i have been to where its all about Money and get you in and out!” 
I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family and you the reader to check them out. I promise you wouldn’t want to go any where else.”

Jerry Y.,  El Cajon, Ca.


“In this day and age the’re dozens of places to take your car. That being said I have found Current Auto Performance to truly be the premiere shop in San Diego for custom vehicle work.”  ~Till P.  San Diego, CA


John S. Jr.  *5 out of 5 stars

Kevin B.  *5 stars

Will P.  *5 stars

Jason H.  *5 stars

Val R.  *5 stars