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Performance Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance Services for Your Vehicle

Need your vehicle tuned-up or repaired? Interested in having it upgraded? Or maybe you're thinking about a full custom build? Perfect because all of that is what Current Auto Performance does best. Over the past decade, we've earned a stellar reputation for high-quality results, unwavering professionalism and absolute honesty. 

Modern engine swaps

Need more horsepower? Want something that won’t give you any issues on those cold mornings OR hot afternoons in traffic? Swap in a reliable, modern, fuel injected engine for more horsepower AND better fuel economy. We specialize in LS swaps, Coyote and 5.0 swaps, V6/Inline 6 to V8 swaps, etc. etc… It’s easier than you think!

E.F.I. Conversions

Modern fuel injection is more reliable, more economical, and can be more powerful than carburation. Do you like your engine but it needs something extra? Fuel injection can be installed on your current power plant inexpensively. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.

Ignition System Upgrades

A simple ignition system upgrade can increase performance, help you achieve greater MPG, AND save you time and money when it comes to maintenance. Don’t hesitate on this one.. Do it now!

4-, 5-, 6-Speed Transmission Performance Rebuilds

We specialize in rebuilding and strengthening your 4-, 5-, 6-Speed transmission for smoother shifting, quiet operation and optimum performance. Please call us with ANY questions you may have!

Automatic / Manual Overdrive Swaps

It’s a well known fact: old cars were never designed to run at modern freeway speeds. Running too many RPM’s trying to keep up with the current flow of traffic? It may be time to swap in a new manual or automatic (possibly a new 4-, 5-, 6-Speed?) transmission with a modern overdrive. Run smoothly and economically at freeway speeds!

Rear Ends / Limited Slips / Ratio Changes

We’re EXPERTS in this category. Our specialists have been doing everything from stock rebuilds on Differentials to full custom race/show/off-road rear end builds since 2001. What do you want your vehicle to do? We’ll make it happen.


Want your car to handle like a sports car? Want it to ride in comfort? We can set up your car with a suspension that delivers what you want! We also offer FULL 4 CORNER SCALING & weight balancing for precision results.

Modern Brake Conversions

Braking is extremely important for performance AND safety. Drum brake systems generally aren’t adequate for modern freeway driving and have trouble stopping heavier vehicles within the short distances. There are several excellent factory AND aftermarket modern disc brake options for your vehicle. Inquire today!

Steering System Upgrades

Does your car tend to wander a little (or a lot) on the freeway? Steering feeling unresponsive? Could be a matter of just replacing some bushings. OR, are you ready to admit to yourself that power steering might be nice? Modern power steering kits are both responsive AND inexpensive. Modern steering will make your car a pleasure to drive under all circumstances.

Power Windows / Power Door Locks

Ok, admit it – power windows and door locks are just plain convenient to have. ‘Nuff said. We can easily install these systems in your vehicle. Call us!

New Wiring

Your classic cars wiring is not up to the modern requirements and can be unsafe. We can rewire your classic to meet modern electronic requirements.

Need help with your Automotive project?

Whether you are ready to get started right now or are only in the preliminary planning phase, tell us what you would like to have done to your vehicle.
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"I know they will be honest and ALWAYS call me with the issues and what the costs will be BEFORE they begin. They are very professional and listen to what I believe is a problem…it’s like they speak “single girl, without a clue about cars” language. When I get my car back they always explain EVERYTHING and why issues were happening. I feel totally safe with them and not like they’re trying to rip me off cause I don’t know crap about cars. Good guys!"

– Angie G., San Diego, CA
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